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5 Psychological Levers To Transform Your Visitors Into Clients

The tools we use to communicate with each other evolve over time.

We are in the era of Facebook, YouTube and online magazines.

A few years ago, Dailymotion and MySpace were trendy. Before that, it was the classified ads section of the newspaper.  The precursor to all of these tools is a cave wall covered in drawings that the cavemen drew using a natural pigment.


Humankind began by scribbling on a cave wall and now we are using Facebook…But the psychological mechanisms are the same.


We will focus on the unalterable principles of human psychology in order to adapt Stop Leads® methods to modern tools such as online magazines, Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords… and those to come.



Are you selling an amazing product? Do you truly believe in its attributes, but struggle to convince your visitors to buy it?

Do you offer the best services in your field? Yet you find that potential customers are reluctant to buy?

The questions you should be asking yourself are: How do I generate enough traffic in order to gain recognition? How do I attract visitors? And above all, how do I transform a visitor into a customer? One who will buy my products and services?

Our mission starts here.


You may have already tried using ads. But, what is your experience as a user? Advertising is intrusive, it ruins the consumer’s web experience. How many times have you been reading an article and been disturbed by a pop-up that is like finding a hair in your soup? Why do we need to wait 5 seconds before watching an interesting YouTube video?

Even if that was all we had to contend with, the ad contents are all the same. Most of them do not compel us to click; they don’t even pique our curiosity. It’s very said, and very common. The same codes are used frequently, as if the customers are literally copying and pasting. How do you stand out even if you use the same techniques?

We also expect that the potential customer make an effort without any payback upfront. The Call To Actions are always the same : give us your e-mail address and we will send you our newsletter. Don’t you think that things would work better if you offered your customer something tangible before requesting a contribution?

Have you ever purchased any solutions offering incredible tips, only to realize that they become obsolete six months later? Or even worse, that they are only compatible with a particular platform?


Our solution is simple and powerful at the same time. We follow the brain functions and use timeless techniques.

Is Facebook no longer effective? No problem, there’s a back-up plan. Have your audience’s media preferences changed? Here again, you will be able to keep applying the same techniques to another kind of media.


When a business is credible and authoritative in a particular media, the development together with social networks is much more efficient.

This is often done incorrectly.

Ads are intrusive as they do not garner enough attention, or worse, they are not presented to the right target audience.

There are 5 timeless psychological levers to consider if you want to get great results.


The first lever is authority.

The more your company appears in credible sources, the more predominant a position you will have in your industry.

During the first step, we will identify what media your potential customers most view and use our know-how to feature you prominently on their pages.


A unique brand inspires respect, even more in the internet era in which copies multiply easily.

Excellent advertising makes you stand out, makes you different from your competitors so you remain engrained in your potential customer’s mind.

We will define the best strategy together so that your potential customers never consider you as another unidentified new brand. We will help you propose a seemingly unique solution, something that they will remember forever.


Stories have been part of humankind’s existence since the beginning. The way to share stories has evolved gradually over time, from oral traditions, to writing on paper to nowadays, through blogs…

But the story remains the same – we remember the stories.

Here, we will use your adventure, your biography to reach the potential clients. We will personalize your company’s products or services with a compelling story that resonates in your future customers’ minds. We will create something that leaves a lasting impression that can be easily retained.


A story about someone doing something as mundane as brushing their teeth is forgettable.

The emotional ingredient is missing, no matter if your ad is frightening or makes people happy. The most important thing is to avoid cultivating emotional detachment when you are dealing with your customers.

You may not think that it is productive to offend or provoke “negative” emotions, such as anger. This is not true. It is always better to generate a feeling instead of expressing neutral emotions.

The best copywriters are skilled at playing with that excitement in order to turn it into a great advantage. Believe us, this is possible and very powerful.


This brings us to our last point – that no target audience is the same.

Channel your efforts on target audiences that need your offer. A bottle of water in a supermarket costs 50 cents. But how much should it cost in the middle of the desert?

If you have not yet established a customer profile avatar, we will work on that together. If that is already done, we will go further in order to really create a character.

Finally, generating potential customers is like a recipe. You need to have the right ingredients, but not just that, it is important to follow the recipe in the proper order too..


Do not stop building your strategy if you succeed in concluding your first sale. A person who buys is equal to a step further for you.

We also consider this to be good, but that is not totally satisfying. We want your customers to return, that they become regular consumers. We wish to make them adopt one of your products or services and that would be more advantageous to you.

Do you think that we’ve reached the end of the trip at this step? At Stop Leads, we make efficient forecasts. We can help you transform these people into fans. They will even become your salespeople on the social networks and they will attract new customers for you from among their relatives.

There is nothing better than having hundreds of people convinced about you doing your PR. All of them totally converted just for you and who do your marketing for free.

We will be by your side during all steps of this journey. From the beginning when people start recognizing your brand, until the magic stage when your promotions work perfectly. We have the knowledge and the experience to guide you through the entire way.