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Case Study – Roger Lannoy

Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you want to increase your turnover by making more leads at a low cost, more sales and increase your return on investment?

This is the mission entrusted to us by Roger Lannoy, coach and world class speaker.

In 2017, we have…

  • Generated 56,213 new contacts
  • With a total investment of € 104,713.
  • For a total turnover of more than € 300 000.

All that without Roger lifting his finger.

Roger’s strategy is based primarily on two sources:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords

When Roger entrusted us with his account, he was already advertising on Facebook and Google Adwords, but the results in terms of amount of leads and R.O.I. (Return On Investment) were not up to par.

It’s one thing to quickly set up an advertisement … It’s another to develop them to make several thousand leads a month at a profit.

In this case study, we will show you three strategies that made all the difference in his sales system.


The success of a Facebook advertising campaign is based on these three levers:

  1. Your Advertising
  2. Your Audience
  3. Your Lead Magnet

For Roger, his main problem was in his advertising.

  Before… After…

Cost Per Lead : 2,34€

Cost Per Lead : 1,22€


The difference between these two ads is simple: the first one is classic, that is to say, it goes unnoticed among all other commercials. The other is natural.

Look at the illustration heavily Photoshopped and the short text… The brain immediately identifies it as advertising and moves on to something else.

The second seems natural. Image without modification, longer text… The opposite of all advertisements.

In addition to that, it follows the 5 psychological levers:

  1. Authority
  2. Uniqueness
  3. History
  4. Emotion
  5. Qualification

We are in the era of Facebook, YouTube and ezines. Just before that, it was Dailymotion and MySpace. Even before, it was the era of newspaper ads…

The medias are evolving but the psychology remains the same.

In this report, we cannot analyze in detail the application of these 5 levers. However, you can find them in our Online Psychology Advertising Training.

Keep one thing in mind.

On Facebook, be natural.

Your ads should add value and look as much as possible to the status that one of your friends would post.

The second advantage is that your ads will be really appreciated by your audience. Just have a look at these few comments for one of Roger’s new ad…


The success of a Google Adwords ad campaign is based on these three levers:

  1. Your selection of keywords
  2. Your Ads
  3. Your landing pages

In Roger’s case, his main problem was extremely simple to solve.

Half of our results were obtained thanks to these two development lines:

1. The landing page

  Before… After…

Before, a landing page without any artistic work was not an issue. Prospects and advertisers like Google Adwords now only trust companies with a professional online presence.

The hook was also remade and then continuously tested.

2. The selection of keywords

By analyzing the keywords, we realized that 37% of the budget was invested on requests far too broad, unrelated to the subject or interest to enterprise.

Advertisements appeared for example for keywords such as “free sophrology” or “pnl course”.

The problem here was a lack of ideal customer study.

What is the point of obtaining leads that search for “free sophrology” when we do not talk about sophrology and that the objective is to sell a seminar?

Thanks to these two strategies:


BEFORE: 3339

AFTER: 3391

Over a year, we generated the same number of contacts as the previous campaign, but a big difference…


BEFORE: 4,12€

AFTER: 1,22€


BEFORE: 32 796€

AFTER: 64 125€

So many leads at lower cost for more sales.


Do you also want to generate more than 50,000 new leads through online advertising?

You have offers and a powerful sales system, but you lack contacts?

Roger Lannoy generates an annual turnover of several million euros and he has 3 reasons to trust us to generate buying leads.


From the moment we work together, your R.O.I. (Return On Investment) is guaranteed.

If you do not generate more money than you spend, we will refund you. The promise is strong for a simple reason: our system is unique and extremely powerful.


The goal is not to just make a “splash” but to generate new qualified leads constantly, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Our team is constantly training and testing new strategies to strive for excellence and develop your business.


We take care of accurately measuring your investment and your turnover.

Every week you will receive a report that details the results to constantly refine your vision as a business leader.

Before going any further, book your 15-minute strategy consultation with our Admissions Director.

He will analyze your needs and your sales system to establish a specific action plan to see what we can do together.

Take your business to the next level now.

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