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The Size Does Not Matter…

You have worked hard to grow your list of contacts…and maybe it has been your only objective for a while?

After all, the bigger the list, the more people can be reached, so the more sales can be made, right?



This is a myth, and I fell for it too.

If you have a lot of contacts but they aren’t really interested in your product or service, there’s no point communicating with them. You will be wasting your time and money.


Large, unqualified lists generate less than smaller, highly qualified lists.

Even within a seemingly large niche like “weight loss”, there are many very different sub-niches.

If you communicate the same way to an entire “weight loss” niche, you will lose people. A lot of people.

Men and women have different reasons for wanting to lose weight.

So consider that the deeper need can also be completely different:

– Some people want to lose weight before summer to feel better in their skin and to be attractive
– Some people want to lose weight for health reasons, as they are at death’s door.

You wouldn’t communicate the same way to these two people, right?


Follow these steps to be effective and to maximize your ROI:

  1. Be specific instead of global: Adapt yourself to different customer profiles and offer them what they expect.
  2. Precise segmentation: Define groups and tailor your message as a result.
  3. Constant feedback: Always seek feedback so you can improve. You will definitely have statistics provided by the many emailing solutions, but not just that. Make testimonials. Analyze which links within emails are more clicked and the others. Basically, segment, segment, and segment!

Let’s take the weight loss example again.

  1. Define the reasons that cause people to want to lose weight and create a sales page that resonates with them.
  2. Pay attention to each lead. The email sequence that follows must be based on the reason(s) why.
  3. Do frequent surveys with your visitors. Think about segmenting groups based on the clicks you have collected. One of the keys is in how you tailor it!

If you want to go further, you can consider creating different customer avatars. Forget about James Cameron. It’s more like the work of an FBI profiler.

Create your typical profile.
Give them a name.
Give them a face, an address, some hobbies, etc.
What scares them? What frustrates them? What pushes them to take action?