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How To Get Crazy ROI?

One of the keys in business is to obtain a positive ROI (Return on Investment), preferably above 400%. At Stop Leads® we have defined a series of steps enabling us to maximize your investment to achieve astounding returns.


You can certainly grope your way along in the dark. You can try a few Facebook campaigns but without properly tracking their results. In this case, it’s impossible to figure out what works best and to develop it.


Our method is simple.

We have designed clear processes that we repeat constantly. The series of actions is the same each week and we observe the results.

Rarely will you find the right campaign right off the bat. Most people pray and hope that it works the first time.

There’s a better way.

This is why it is important to go through a prospecting phase to find a campaign that works.


You have likely already dealt with door-to-door salespeople. They are subject to a law of numbers: of 100 people, 90 will slam the door in their face, 6 will be interested but will want to negotiate before they buy, and 4 will buy immediately.

It’s the same thing for leads generation.

The steps we are about to describe will take you a week to accomplish. With a team, things can go much more quickly. The process begins on Wednesday, and very soon you will understand why.

  • Wednesday: Test ideas (sponsored statuses…) and select the best
  • Thursday: Create a new lead magnet using the best idea or sponsored status that worked the best
  • Friday: Create landing and thank you pages using the best idea or sponsored status that worked the best
  • Monday: Launch a new Facebook campaign from the selection
  • Tuesday: Check the early results, end the campaign or increase the budget

Repeat these steps every week until you find your winners. In marketing, as you have noticed, never make assumptions: the only truth is the test. It is crucial to continue with this phase until you obtain a positive ROI and you accomplish your objectives.

However, it is important not to stop working on these after having found a lead magnet that works. In fact, since their lifespans are each different, you should always have some in reserve.


You don’t need hundreds of them either…

Allow me to explain myself.

Facebook is news-based.

When you target an audience in January, six months later, this audience will be different, as your leads’ interests will have changed.

It is not an issue to repeat ideas that work as you will no longer touch the same people anymore.

When a campaign is successful, you can be certain that it will be successful again another time. The key is not to reactivate it too early.

In all cases, only numbers count.
Constantly adapt to the results you obtain to best reach your target market.